Dr. Evan H. Argintar, MD

Dr. Evan H. Argintar, MD

Dr. Evan H. Argintar, MD

Languages: English, Spanish
Fax: (202) 877-6602

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  • Orthopedic Sports Medicine
Conditions I Treat
  • achilles tendon injury
  • achilles tendon tear
  • achilles tendonitis
  • achilles tendonosis
  • acromioclavicular fracture
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Procedures I Perform
  • achilles tendon surgery
  • anterior cruciate ligament repair
  • arthroscopy of elbow
  • arthroscopy of hip
  • arthroscopy of knee
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About the Provider

Evan Argintar, MD, is a member of the MedStar Orthopaedic Institute at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, where he performs surgery. Dr. Argintar also serves as the Assistant Director of Sports Medicine at MedStar Washington Hospital Center. He takes care of athletes of all ages and sizes, and has previously been assistant team physician to both the Washington Nationals and Washington Wizards.

Since September of 2012, Dr. Argintar has served as Director of Sports Medicine Research at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Residency, Assistant Professor of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery at Georgetown University Medical Center, and Clinical Instructor of Orthopaedic Surgery at The George Washington University Hospital.

Dr. Argintar specializes in sports injury, upper extremity reconstruction, and joint replacment. He sees patients with injuries to the knee, shoulder, elbow and hip. His clinical interests include arthroscopic surgery, ligament reconstruction with novel internal brace technology, minimally invasive joint reconstruction/replacement, cartilage restoration, hip arthroscopy and hip preservation. He is currently involved in research on ACL repair, a new surgical technique that may replace traditional ACL reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Argintar began his medical career in the D.C. area, earning his medical degree from the Georgetown University School of Medicine. He then completed both his residency and internship in orthopaedic surgery at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. He completed his fellowship training in sports medicine and upper extremity reconstruction at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California before returning to the area to join MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

Dr. Argintar played collegiate lacrosse at Tufts University, contributing to his passion for caring for athletes at all levels. When not seeking prospective research in sports medicine, Dr. Argintar enjoys spending time with his family.

"I believe that patients should be heavily involved in the decisions made about the care they receive. In order to engage my patients, I use technology, a positive attitude and humor to help explain the technicalities of their situation in a very accessible way. Through these interactions, my aim is to be the best listener possible and be attentive to my patient's concerns. I encourage dialogue and questions from my patients.This allows me to tailor treatment plans according to an individual's needs. I place emphasis on explaining non-operative treatments, and, when possible, I always try to optimize these options before proceeding with surgery."

I thrive on collaboration and prioritize communication with referring physicians. It is important for me to be available as quickly as possible for all patients referred to my office. I routinely use and expect email correspondence in an effort to stream-line care. Referring physicians should always expect correspondence from me as I send a letter to each physician who sends a patient to my office.

In the News:

  • Fellowship Program: Keck School of Medicine at USC (2012)
  • Residency Program: MedStar Georgetown University Hospital (2011)
  • Internship Program: MedStar Georgetown University Hospital (2007)
  • Medical School: Georgetown University School of Medicine (2006)
  • Board Certification: American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Board Certification: American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, Orthopaedic Sports Medicine

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