Dr. Evgenia Gourgari, MD

Dr. Evgenia Gourgari, MD

Dr. Evgenia Gourgari, MD

Languages: English
Phone: 202-243-3560
Fax: 202-243-3434

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  • Pediatric Endocrinology
Conditions I Treat
  • abnormal glucose metabolism
  • addison's disease
  • adrenal adenoma
  • adrenal atrophy
  • adrenal disorders
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Procedures I Perform
  • diabetes education
  • insulin pump
  • supprelin implant
  • thyroid function blood panel
About the Provider

Dr. Evgenia Gourgari sees patients at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, MedStar St. Mary's Hospital and MedStar Montgomery Medical Center in Olney. She is board certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric endocrinology. Call 202-295-0547 to schedule an appointment.

  • Fellowship Program: National Institute of Health (2013)
  • Residency Program: Miami Childrens Hospital (2010)
  • Medical School: Aristotle Medical School (2002)
  • Board Certification: American Board of Pediatrics, Pediatrics
  • Board Certification: American Board of Pediatrics, Pediatric Endocrinology
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Practice Locations
  • 4200 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest
    Suite 400
    Washington, DC 20016
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    Phone: 202-295-0547
    Fax: 877-680-5502

Member of Medical Staff
  • 2019: Most Outstanding Scientific Abstract Award, Medstar Health-Georgetown University Research Symposium
  • 2019: Oral presentation for the abstract “Effect of metformin on HDL proteome in youth with T1DM”, PAS conference 2019, Baltimore, MD
  • 2018: Oral presentation for the abstract “Low cholesterol efflux capacity and abnormal lipoprotein particles in youth with type 1 diabetes”, ACTS conference 2018, Washington DC
  • 2017: Oral presentation for the abstract “Youth with type 1 diabetes have atherogenic lipoprotein particles which correlate with low insulin sensitivity”, ACTS conference 2017, Washington DC
  • 2015: Scholarship Award to attend the GHUCCTS Master Program of Science in Clinical and
  • Translational Research.
  • 2013: Special acknowledgment at the Presidential Poster Reception at Pediatric Endocrine Society Meeting “Catch up growth in pediatric patients after successful treatment of Cushings syndrome due to adrenal or pituitary tumor”.
  • 2012: The Endocrine Society travel award at ENDO
  • 2012: Outstanding Abstract Award Winner at ENDO: "A novel method for metabolic classification of polycystic ovary syndrome".
  • 2012: Presidential Poster Competition Award at ENDO 2012: “A novel method for metabolic classification of polycystic ovary syndrome".
  • 2012: NICHD Fellows Intramural Grants Supplement (FIGS) Award