Dr. Jessica Ailani, MD

Dr. Jessica Ailani, MD

Dr. Jessica Ailani, MD

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  • Neurology
Conditions I Treat
  • cluster headache
  • facial pain
  • headache
  • migraine
  • neck pain
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Procedures I Perform
  • botox for migraines
  • headache therapy
  • nerve block
  • trigger point injection
About the Provider

Jessica Ailani, MD, is board certified in neurology, with added certifications in neurology and headache. She sees patients at the McLean, Virginia, clinic.

Dr. Ailani is a clinical professor of neurology at MedStar's Georgetown University Hospital and director of the MedStar Georgetown Headache Center. The conditions she treats include migraines, cluster headaches, tension headaches, post-traumatic headaches, occipital neuralgia, headache related to neck strain and concussion-related headaches. She uses a wide variety of treatment options in headache management including Botox for chronic migraine.

Dr. Ailani is involved in numerous clinical trials focused on new treatments in the migraine space..

She is dedicated to educating the field on headache disorders.  She is a national and international speaker, invited to discuss migraine at headache and primary care meetings.  She has spoken at the American Headache Society, Diamond Headache meeting, International Headache Society, American Academy of Neurology, American Neurological Association, and has presented abstracts at both national and internation meetings. 

Because people don't always want to take medications, Dr. Ailani is very willing to work with patients in finding lifestyle solutions. If patients want medications, she is willing to treat the headache aggressively. Dr. Ailani uses an integrative approach, with care designed around what the patient wants, encompassing all possibilities.

Dr. Ailani and her husband are from New York, and enjoy the warmer weather in the D.C. area. While others might not think of Washington as "the south," it certainly is for these former Long Islanders. They appreciate the museums as well as the cultural mix of people and restaurants in the Washington metro area. Dr. Ailani also enjoys the diversity of patients she sees daily, coming from rural areas, the city, as well as internationally.

Read details about Dr. Ailani's background and accomplishments.

  • Fellowship Program: Thomas Jefferson University (2009)
  • Residency Program: New York University Medical Center (2008)
  • Internship Program: Winthrop University Hospital - New York (2005)
  • Medical School: State University of NY at Stony Brook (2004)
  • Board Certification: American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Neurology

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ii. Reviews or Editorials in Refereed Journals

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iii. Books or Chapters in Books

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vi. Other Publications

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