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Our Commitment to Quality

Every member of MedStar Medical Group shares a commitment to quality that honors the trust our patients and communities place in our hospitals, physician practices, and other care facilities. It’s at the core of every decision we make.

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We do this by making patient safety a cornerstone of our practice; by providing high-quality care backed by compassionate service; and by giving our caregivers the tools, technologies, and resources they need to deliver the best care possible. But most importantly, we strive to always do what’s right for our patients, our associates, and our communities.

Our efforts to deliver on our commitment to quality are ongoing. This includes initiatives such as:

  • Measuring and reporting on 15 key quality of care metrics about our services on an ongoing basis to provide patients and their families with the critical input needed to make more informed decisions about who to entrust for their care. These results are also shared with providers, who are compensated, in part, based on the results.
  • Activating 27 specialty-specific clinical practice councils (CPCs), to date, that bring together clinicians within their specialties to share best practices, establish evidence-based standards of care, and advance important ideas in the delivery of the highest quality care.
  • Partnering with the MedStar Health Institute for Quality and Safety to develop and implement processes that are improving the reporting and monitoring of adverse events in both inpatient and outpatient settings while maintaining and enhancing the trust of patient communities through candid, caring communication. Because of this initiative, we have seen an increase in the number of events reported, which allows us to quickly resolve them in the short term and improve safety and quality outcomes for the long term.
  • Embarking on a system-wide initiative to become a High Reliability Organization (HRO), which focuses on the elimination of preventable harm events. HROs develop a culture where everyone is acutely aware that even small failures in protocols or processes can lead to poor outcomes and focus on identifying safety or quality problems before harm occurs. During this high-reliability journey we have been constantly learning—and making course corrections as needed to improve safety and quality.
  • Achieving Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home™ (PCMH) Recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance in nearly all of our primary care practices. A team-based approach to providing health care, PCHMs make it easier for patients to access care and communicate with their providers, enhancing safety and the quality of care received.