Local Patient & Family Advisory Councils for Quality & Safety

Learn more about your Local Patient and Family Advisory Councils for Quality and Safety:

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What are the Patient and Family Advisory Councils for Quality and Safety (PFACQS)?

PFACQS are advisory boards being established at all MedStar Health hospitals. The councils will be made up of patients, family members of patients, and people who work at MedStar hospitals, all working to help MedStar continuously improve the safety and quality of care and always with a commitment to putting patients first.

What are the objectives of the PFACQS at MedStar Health?

The objectives of the PFACQS are to:

  • Provide ongoing feedback to MedStar Health that addresses patient safety, quality of care or patient service issues;
  • Assist MedStar Health to continually improve the services it offers the patients and families who seek care at MedStar Health;
  • Strengthen communication and collaboration among patients, families and other non-professional caregivers, and MedStar Health professional staff and associates;
  • Promote information sharing between MedStar Health and the patients, families, and community it serves;
  • Aid in establishing MedStar Health organizational priorities in response to patient, family and community needs; and
  • Promote patient and family advocacy and involvement.

Who should apply to join the PFACQS at MedStar Health?

Patients, family members of patients, and people who work at MedStar Health are invited to apply. This is an opportunity for those who want to be actively engaged as a volunteer in helping the hospital put patients first and continuously improve the safety and quality of care.

The term “family member” will be broadly defined to include persons related by blood, persons related by marriage, domestic partners as well as close friends or neighbors who have a relationship with a patient that includes helping care for their health.

For patients or family members: MedStar Health is interested in forming a partnership with people who have experienced high quality care, satisfactory care that could have been improved, or unsatisfactory care. All are eligible to apply. Persons who have health insurance and those who do not have health insurance are equally eligible to apply.

For MedStar Health associates: Associates are equally eligible to apply regardless of job title or rank.

What are the eligibility requirements for the PFACQS at MedStar Health?

The following eligibility requirements apply for each class of PFACQS members:

  • The commitment to actively support the purpose of the PFACQS and achieve its objectives;
  • The commitment to regularly attend meetings of the PFACQS, which will be 2 to 3 hours in length;
  • Agreement to take the immunizations required by MedStar Health to protect the health of MedStar Health patients, PFACQS members and MedStar Health staff and visitors;
  • Agreement not to disclose confidential information given to you as a member of PFACQS; and
  • Willingness to actively participate in the PFACQS projects, committees or working groups and be responsible for accomplishing their goals.

PFACQS members are expected to participate in meetings consisting of a minimum of 2 to 3 hours and on various committees or projects that will require a varied number of hours.

When will the local PFACQS meet?

The PFACQS will meet for 2 to 3 hours on designated weekday evenings. Check with your local PFACQS for specific details.

Who will lead the local PFACQS?

To model partnership, the council will be co-led by two members, one of whom has been a patient or family member of a patient and one of whom is a person who works at MedStar Health.

To whom will the local PFACQS report?

The PFACQS will report to the site’s Health Quality, Safety and Professional Affairs Committee (QSPAC), which is a committee of the Board of Directors.

The local PFACQS also will report and coordinate with a PFACQS established at the MedStar Health system level, the role of which is to maximize patient and family partnership across all care settings within the MedStar Health system.