MedStar Vendor Access Program

Dear Supplier Representative,

MedStar Health is committed to delivering the best in patient care. We recognize that suppliers are an essential part of our delivery, so we carefully select our suppliers. The MedStar Health Vendor Access Program is designed to streamline the collection and management of key information regarding the regulatory and compliance status as well as business operations of our suppliers.

Registration and Sign In

Please register at

All vendor companies and representatives must complete registration in order to continue doing business with MedStar Health.

One nominal annual credentialing fee covers your company as well as all representatives of your company that interact with MedStar Health.

We use Vendormate, Inc. as our 3rd party credentialing partner.  The price within Vendormate depends on your company’s risk profile and is paid directly to our partner, Vendormate. It is important that each representative register individually to maintain their personal credentials and ensure ongoing access to our facilities.  Unregistered reps will not be allowed access if they are denied a badge by the Vendormate Credentialing system.

A Federal Tax identification number (FEIN) and a Credit Card are required to complete the initial registration. Additional representatives only need the Federal Tax identification number (FEIN).

All reps visiting a MedStar Health facility will be required to sign in and obtain a badge. With a valid appointment and current credentials, your epresentative will be able to print out a single-use identification badge that is to be worn throughout the visit to any MedStar Health facility.

Vendor Representatives with “MedStar Badges” must also comply with these requirements.  Every Vendor Representative must have a Vendormate Sticker Badge for access into MedStar Health regardless if you have a MedStar Badge.


MedStar Health Credentialing Program