MedStar Health Patient APIs

Connecting to the MedStar Health Patient Application Programing Interfaces (APIs)

For patients
MedStar Health participates in a federal program that specifies that patients have the ability to access their medical data through an external application (app) of their choice via an Application Programming Interface (API).
To request that an app be connected to the MedStar Health Patient APIs, please email and provide the following information:
  1. Your name and email address
  2. The app you would like connected

You may have to work with your app developer to ensure that the app meets the technical specifications of our Application Programming Interface (API) documented at before it can be connected.

MedStar Health reserves the right to block any application that could compromise the functioning of our internal information systems or otherwise compromise patient data.

Please note, you will be connecting an application of your choosing to your medical record at your own risk. MedStar Health does not review non-MedStar Health apps for user privacy, functionality, or security. It is your responsibility to review all applicable disclosures including but not limited to the application’s terms of use and privacy policy.

Currently available applications include:
Apple Health

For developers
If you would like to connect with MedStar Health’s Patient APIs, please review the API documentation at Please submit your app at and then have one of your users who is a patient at MedStar Health email with their contact information and the name of the app they would like connected.
If your app is connected, you may not use MedStar Health graphics, logos, icons or images without the prior written consent of MedStar Health. Connection of your application does not represent an endorsement by MedStar Health of your application or product.