From MedStar Health President and CEO Ken Samet’s message to associates.

June 1, 2020

Ken SametI am writing to you today with a heavy heart—for our Country, for those we care for throughout our communities and for each other. The stress and heartbreak from the COVID-19 global pandemic has already taken such a heavy toll on so many. And now, with the senseless death of George Floyd, our communities, our patients and all of us, are saddened and impacted even further. We have all dedicated our lives to caring for others. So, of course, we are deeply impacted by the pain being felt across our Country at this moment.

As the President & CEO of MedStar Health, I know the many ways all of you have always come together to take care of our communities. Never has that been more true than during the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter your job title or years in our organization. No matter where you grew up or what path brought you to MedStar Health. You come together every day, respecting and valuing each other, as one very special healthcare organization, providing care and comfort to all of our patients and communities.

It is that inclusiveness, that respect for diversity of all types, that makes MedStar Health special, and allows us to be the Trusted Leader for our communities, and for each other. Never has it been more important that we care for each other. We must recognize the pain and sadness that is very real for all of us, as people, no matter the lens through which you view the world. We see every day in our hospitals the disproportionate impact COVID-19 has had on communities of color; and we see the unique pain in the eyes of our African American friends and colleagues from the events of this past week, connected to too many other similar moments.

We are people caring for people. And we cannot care for those who need us, if we do not care for each other. I know the stress and burden you have been carrying due to COVID-19 has only been made heavier by the events unfolding across our Country, and in our local region.

Answers and solutions to what is happening are bigger than just us. But we can start by continuing to support each other; by respecting each other even more deeply; by sharing our individual and collective sadness; and by acknowledging that our Country can and must do better. That would be an important start to a better future for all.



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